Sublimation printing is where we very cleverly use the sublimation process to dye a substrate (polyester fabrics, or other items with a polymer coating or surface) by turning dyes from a solid, into a gas, and then back into a solid again, while bonding with the polymer molecules present in the substrate or product.

This process is widely used to digitally print onto a wide range of products, including fabrics, garments, mugs & other ceramics, wooden items, metal items, glass products & more. We print dye based inks onto sublimation paper, which is a special paper which hold the dye in place ready to be released during the sublimation process.

We then lay this printed paper on top (face down) of the polyester fabric or polymer coated  product, and heat press it. When the sublimation process occurs, the dye molecules that were a solid held in the sublimation paper, turn directly into a gas and bond with the polymers present in the fabric or the polymer coating on the blank product. Thus, whatever the image looked like on the paper, it now looks the same (but flipped in reverse) on the product we want to decorate or personalise. We flip the image using software, so it’s printed in reverse and then is the correct way round on the product.

Subli Printing gets a photo finish with vivid colours to almost any substrates which we can get from Mugs, Glass, Fabric, Duvet Sets, Mouse Mats, Place Mats, Clothing, Sports Kits, Banners, Flags and so much more. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest.

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