CAD Cut Vinyl

Unlike other printing techniques like screen printing, CAD-cut vinyl has no setup costs which is why it is a great choice for small and one-off orders. It’s also quick which allows us to act fast when there’s a need for a rush order.

Cad Cut vinyl is versatile and can be used on almost any material and/or product. It’s also refreshing that it can be used on dark-coloured garments without the need of a pre-treatment step or the white layer of ink that screen printing and DTG need in order to work. What also sets it apart from other methods of personalisation is that works on garments that have been previously printed. This allows a great deal of creative freedom. 

In order to customise, even more, there are very different kinds of vinyl. The basic ones are either matte or vinyl but then there are special types like Airflow which allows for more breathability and Thermo-Film which regulate the temperature. For those who’re looking for a more stylish effect, there’s Fashion-Film which is thin and very soft and Flock which is a hairy material similar to velvet.

When to choose Cad Cut Vinyl printing:

  • When using different prints on various garments of the same kind (like names on sports kits)

  • When printing simple designs of 1 or 2 colours

  • When there’s a need for a print with a special effect (glossy, flock, metallic, etc…)

  • When working with a fabric that’s not compatible with ink

  • When working with synthetic fabrics like lycra and nylon

Print & Cut

With our large Format Printers we can offer full colour designs for many uses such as:

  • Posters and decals

  • Cut vinyl signage

  • Heat Transfers for garment decoration

  • Labels and decals for outdoor display

  • POS and POP

  • Mobile phone and laptop wraps

  • Window signs and graphics

  • Packaging designs

Whatever your project whether small one offs or full staff uniform outfit please get in touch with a brief of your job, remember the more you can tell us the better! Email us on with any logos / artwork attached for our team to provide visuals and comprehensive quotation for your approval on a no obligation basis. Alternatively please use the contact form below.

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